Friday , Mar , 23 , 2012 Nash Herrington

Jeremy Lin Excited For Tebowmania In Big Apple

The Knicks’ wonderboy was happy to hear about the Jets’ trade for Tim Tebow.

New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin was stoked to hear that Tim Tebow got traded to the New York Jets on Wednesday.

“Awesome,” Lin told ESPN New York after hearing the news that the popular quarterback was coming to his home city.

“I’m just excited for him and to see what he does and see what happens next year. … I’m excited he’s going to be in New York.”

It’s quite fitting that Lin and Tebow will now be in the same city. They’ve definitely been the two biggest stories in sports over the past year.

Tebow is regarded as the most ‘polarizing’ figure in sports, considering his off-field faith and popularity to go with his less than stellar on-field play. Lin is one of the most unlikeliest of stars in NBA history, following his leadership of a Knicks winning streak last month after being cut by two NBA teams in previous seasons.

And just like Lin almost didn’t even make the Knicks’ squad, the trade for Tebow almost didn’t come into fruition either.

For the second time on Wednesday, the Jets agreed to send a fourth- and sixth-round selection in this year’s NFL draft to the Broncos in exchange for the quarterback and a seventh-round pick.

The Jets finally announced the deal on their official website earlier Wednesday, only to see the deal hit a snag due to a clause in Tebow’s contract that required any team acquiring him to compensate the Broncos $5 million, prompting interest from both the Jaguars and the Rams in case the Jets deal didn’t go through.

But it did.

Now the Big Apple will be home to ‘Linsanity’ and ‘Tebowmania.’

Lin says he’s excited to have the quarterback in town. If he and Tebow hang out what will the media call that dream-monster?…Timsanity?