Friday , Mar , 23 , 2012 Nash Herrington

Weirdest Players In The NBA

Unique, eccentric or just plain odd, these guys stand out in pro ball.

5. Lamar Odom  (Dal) – He has a reality show with a Kardashian. I think that’s an automatic qualifier. Throw in the fact that he’s pouted his way to the NBA’s D-League this season and you have a top 5 weird-ringer. I also think it’s funny that I have an Amish cousin named Lamar, but that’s neither here nor there.

4. Joakim Noah (Chi) – He’s outspoken, but I think it’s mostly just the hair. Just look at the pic. Seriously dude, I’ll give you the eight bucks for a hair cut. Now the smile, that might be a little more pricey.

3. Metta World Peace (AKA: Ron Artest) (LAL) – The dude went from a thug that beat up fans in the stands, to a guy that legally changed his name to ‘Metta World Peace.’ The dude is a tad unstable. Now that Phil Jackson, the ‘Zin Master,’ is no longer in LA, I’m nervous we might see a little more Artest, and a little less Peace.

2. Chris Anderson (Den) – Just look at his yearbook picture from his player profile on Is he really that hardcore? Overcompensating? Or just plain weird. Looks like he might score more points in the tattoo parlor or hair product section at CVS than on the hardwood.

1. JaVale McGee (Den) – Well, let’s see….where do we begin with Mr. McGee? He consistently makes mistakes that a 5th grade girls basketball player would make…in the National Basketball Association. He’s been hit the face with a John Wall fast-break pass, saved the ball out of bounds directly to his opponent, had excessive celebration when his team was down 20 points, and has even raced down the court to play defense…when his team was still on offense.

In short, words cannot describe Mr. McGee. Just do a Youtube search of JaVale and you’ll immediately see the most embarrassing play from a professional basketball player you have ever seen. One announcer touted that McGee must have a ‘thought process problem.’