Friday , Mar , 23 , 2012 Nash Herrington

Fashion Trends of the NBA

Who’s dressed to impress and who’s just a mess in the NBA.

NBA players have always been trendsetters, whether it’s fashion, music, or simply swag. Here are some of the players with the best and worst approaches to style in the NBA.

First off is Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. His high fashion with hints of preppy urban sensibility makes him one of the most watched ballers on and off the court. He sprinkles his wardrobe with bow ties, pin stripes, fedora hats, and glasses to fully accessorize his every changing but always slick look.

Another leader of the pack when it comes to fashionable ballers is Gilbert Arenas. Agent Zero likes to stick with high fashion. He usually steps out in a three-piece suite complete with cuff links and high polished shoes to add that gloss finish to his look.

Kobe Bryant leans on his Italian heritage with his sleek European fitted and custom tailored suits that don his closet.  He too is a fan of accessories and can be found donning fedoras, significant bling, and of course the ultimate accessory championship rings. Bryant’s fashion sense appears to ebb and flow between the urban more oversized look to the tight well-fitted sensibility, but either way Kobe knows how to make it work.

One of the worst when it comes to fashion is Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks. He comes to press conferences looking more than disheveled. He looks like a giant German tourist lost in the big city and late for a CPA meeting. His dress shirts are so similar in look and style we had to do some investigating to make sure Dirk didn’t simply own one shirt. This NBA All-Star’s approach to fashion is that of a little kid that never grew up.

Yet, the worst dresses in the NBA must clearly go to Marc Gasol. He often dons sloppy sweatshirts that look like they haven’t been cleaned in months and hair that can only be described as needing a rake.  Gasol’s fashion sense can be summarized in zero effort and quite frankly boarders on simply dirty. We are sure to send him to a tailor or to the shower. Those are your best and worst dresses ballers in the NBA.


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