Sunday , Apr , 22 , 2012 HoopsVibe News

Vanessa Williams Molested by a Woman

Vanessa Williams recounts molestation as a child by an 18-year old girl, her teenage abortion, and the nude girl-on-girl photo that ended her Miss America reign.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Books got to sell.


In the interview she goes on to reveal she was pregnant both times she got married and has been in love 4 times in her life. Unfortunately she has no one in her life at the moment and so “nothing to be naughty about,” but says the two biggest traits she looks for in a man are that he is available to her and not afraid of her accomplishments. With expectations set this low I’m sure Williams can expect an onslaught of dating invitations from our HoopsVibe readers.

Williams speaks candidly about how a family friend molested her on a vacation as a child. This was not a creepy old man molesting her, but a young 18-year old woman who woke Vanessa in her sleep to go down on her. Vanessa states how she knew it was wrong, but didn’t say anything at the time and only reflected on it later in college that she had been taken advantage of.