Thursday , Apr , 26 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Larry Brown Mocks Allen Iverson

Larry Brown mocks AI in his SMU Press Conference.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: What goes around comes around.

Larry Brown is the new head coach of the SMU basketball program. In his press conference coach Brown couldn’t help but mock his former player, Allen Iverson and his now legendary rant about practices versus games. Apparently, coach Brown loves pracitice more. 

Coach Brown is the only coach to win both NCAA and NBA championships and has already been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. If anyone can take the SMU basetball program to new heights it’s Brown and his now famous love of practice. With Iverson unemployed, broke, and scratching his head at how he managed to blow $200 million dollars in just a couple years, Coach Brown’s jab seems almost too easy.

Here is the now infamous Allen Iverson rant. Everyone on the planet has already watched this video 10 times, but it’s still hilarious. 



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