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Chris Brown records Drake Diss Song as Tony Parker Suffers and

Chris Brown records a Drake diss song as Spurs’ Tony Parker still suffers.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: Where’s Tony Parker’s diss song in french? Isn’t he a big french rapper?

The drama continues in the Chris Brown, Drake, Tony Parker, Rihanna soap opera. The latest is Chris Brown’s diss track he recently recorded about Drake.

You decide. The lyric goes like this, “One on one, what you scared bruh? / Huh, matter of fact, Take care’ bruh/ You’re a p***y n***a.”

These aren’t exactly the words peace is built with. The track is called “I Don’t Lie.” Who’s going to win this battle so far is both of these artists. They are both experiencing massive social media interest and blowing up both of their names across the internet. The good thing about his feud is very unlikely anyone will really get hurt. This is no Biggie vs. Tupac. This is more like Mickey Mouse vs. Goofy. We’ll all talk, tweet, gossip, and IM about it, but at the end of the day the only one that will get hurt is Tony Parker. And that was by accident.

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