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Basketball Wives’ NBA Husband Impregnates Video Chick.

Basketball Wives’ NBA Husband Impregnates Video Chick.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Condoms are so much cheaper.

Reality t.v. loves drama and the NBA ballers attached to “Basketball Wives” don’t disappoint. A woman named Tavia just sued Jennifer’s estranged husband Eric Williams for child support.

Now, it’s time for the HoopsVibe math lesson of the day. The Tavia and Eric’s child was conceived in January 2011. For those scoring at home, that’s 6 months before Jennifer filed for divorce. This also happens to be while Jennifer was taping Basketball Wives. Yikes,  I guess Jennifer was paying a little too much attention to the cameras and not enough attention to what her husband Eric was up to.

For the record, Tavia, considers herself a model. Ok, stop laughing. She really calls herself a model.

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