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Feud: Nash and Richardson Beef Keep Lakers From Not Sign Richardson

A feud between Steve Nash and Jason Richardson makes Lakers pass on Richardson.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It pays to get along even in the NBA. Shocking!

Rumor in Los Angeles is that the Lakers passed on acquiring Jason Richardson because of “personal issues” between Richardson and Nash. This sounds like polite conversation for “they hate each other” to me. 

Apparently, the Lakers were in a position this week to pick up the shooting guard, but decided they didn’t want the potential clubhouse drama. The Orlando sharp-shooter has averaged 44% from the field and 37% from downtown over his career for 17.5 points per game. It says a lot about how much Nash and Richardson don’t get along when a team is willing to not acquire a 17-point per game guy just because of your beef. 

No word on exactly what the issue is between the two players. One would think with Nash being the born passer and Richardson the resolute shooter, that they’d be best buds, but apparently when they played together in Phoenix the developed a hatred that will last the rest of their NBA careers.

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