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Lakers’ Matt Barnes Arrested

Lakers’ Matt Barnes Arrested

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Traffic violations? Really, that’s why you threatened a cop?

Matt Barnes of the Los Angeles Lakers was arrested yesterday on a outstanding misdemeanor of a traffic warrant and for threatening a police officer. Now, that’s a pretty stupid reason to get arrested Matt. Barnes is the 32-year old veteran bench-man for the Lakers. You’d figure by 32 you’d be able to stay out of trouble with the cops for stupid things and worry more about your mediocre NBA career wrapping up.

The ticket that Barnes was originally stopped for was driving on a suspending license, not quite as exciting as we had hoped. When the police stopped him to discuss what “suspended license” meant, Barnes apparently wasn’t very cooperative with the LAPD. In fact, Barnes reportedly threatened the officer that stopped him. Bad idea.

Bail was set at $51,000, which we doubt is a problem for the NBA veteran, and lets all hope he simply calls a car service next time.

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