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Michael Jordan BBQ Sauce Sells for $10,000

Did you know Michael Jordan once had his own BBQ sauce?

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: I had no idea.

The real question is, would it still taste good? The 20 year old container of sauce was manufactured by McDonalds and used on its “McJordan Burger” in the early 90’s. If the McRib can catch on the way it has, why couldn’t a “McJordan”? No word on how the McRib felt about this.

A guy named Mort Bank of North Dakota used to own a few McDonald’s restaurants in Bismarck and Minot North Dakota. When he sold those restaurants, he kept a gallon of the “McJordan” BBQ sauce just in case. “It was in my basement and I would look at it occasionally,” he told the Bismarck Tribune. “I thought it would be worth something someday.”

Bank sold the gallon of sauce for $9,995 dollars via Ebay on Monday night. Now Mort is “Bank-ing” thanks to selling some sauce that literally sat in his basement for 20 years. It’s amazing to me that Jordan memorabilia still demands the price that it does even years after his retirement. Anything associated with MJ can command a hefty sum. So how long will it be before Kobe and LeBron can do that? Maybe sooner rather than later.

The buyer is allegedly from Chicago though Bank refused to identify the buyer.

“I’m sure he’s a Bulls or Michael Jordan fan, and hopefully he’s not going to put it on his ribs or his burger,” Bank told a local North Dakota TV station. “But it’s up to him; he can do whatever he wants with it.”

If you could slather your favorite cut of meat in “McJordan” sauce, what would you pick? MJ isn;t teh only former pro athlete slangin’ sauce. Former New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame wide receiver Joe Horn is peddling his as well.

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