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Obama Plays Pickup Ball With Scottie Pippen To Relax While Winning Election

President Obama relaxes on Election Tuesday shooting hoops with Scottie Pippen.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Now that’s cool under pressure.

Most presidents’ are out trying to get every last vote on election Tuesday. Gov. Mitt Romney was making speeches in numerous swing states like Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin attempting to convince every last voter to vote for him as this presidential election appeared a dead heat going into the final stretch. 

Not President Obama. He wasn’t sweating his critics. He wasn’t begging for votes. He wasn’t worrying about exit polls. What was our Commander and Chief doing on the very day that would determine his presidency? He was playing a little pick-up ball with Scottie Pippen. It’s true.

Pippen was spotted arriving at the gym where President Obama was balling and a number of reporters have verified the president was playing basketball to relax from all the political wrangling that’s been going on this election season. Any president that unwinds running a pick-and-roll is good by me. Congratulations to President Obama on another four years in office.

Note, we have it on good authority that Pippen was on President Obama’s team. Not a bad first pick Barack. 

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