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Kyrie Irving Gets Busted Cheating On His GF On Xmas Because of His Stupid Tweet.

Kyrie Irving is obviously better at pulling ladies than using twitter.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Twitter and Facebook break up another couple. Just admit you were playing around Kyrie. You are busted.

Kyrie shot off a the above picture in a tweet over Xmas. Almost immediately after tweeting this pic with himself cuddled up with a couple of very attentive ladies, he proceeded to pretend it was a fake. Really Kyrie? You tweeted a fake picture of yourself? That makes zero sense.

What makes a lot more sense is you tweeted the picture of yourself running game on a couple ladies and then realized your the internet connects to Brazil and that your current girlfriend who was visiting family in Brazil was going to see it. This lead to the following attempted tweet trail cover-ups. We’re not buying it Uncle Drew. It’s ok, at least you weren’t in a strip club. 

If anyone even had a doubt to Irving’s guilt is complete panic attack after the photo was quickly removed should make it clear. These are not the tweets of an innocent man. They are the guilty tweets of someone trying to dig himself out of a hole. The proof is in the photo and the followup tweets. Judge for yourself. Do you think Kyrie did it?

Now, we only need to find out if this will be the end of their relationship or if she’s going to continue to play the game Kyrie style.

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