Tuesday , Feb , 12 , 2013 Andrew Flint

Mike Bibby Ejected From Son’s Basketball Game. (Video Of Ejection)

Police escort Mike Bibby out of the high school gym in Scottsdale after his ejection from his son’s game. (Video)

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Wait, is Bibby living vicariously through his son like most parents? He already had his own NBA career. Let it go already.

Some parents go bonkers at their kids sporting events yelling at the refs. Usually, this is the parent who never made it. In this case it’s Mike Bibby, the 2nd overall draft in the 1998 NBA draft who played 14 very successful seasons in the NBA.

Bibby was attending the game because his son is a freshman at his alma mater Shadow Mountain High. Mike Bibby jr. is having a decent year with 9.2 PPG and 4.1 APG, but the real story is in Mike Bibby senior’s inability to behave. 

Apparently, Bibby has harassing and yelling at the refs in excess throughout the game, but who hasn’t gotten carried away when the refs suck? And we all know high school basketball refs almost always suck. Still, it seems a bit pathetic that Mike Bibby has gone from NBA star to that disgruntled old dad in the bleachers with nothing better to do than scream at refs and tell all the other parents how his son is so special.

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