Monday , Apr , 29 , 2013 HoopsVibe News

Dwight Howard’s Girlfriend Want Him To Sign With Houston.

Dwight Howard’s girlfriend Christine Vest is tired of Laker fans blaming him for everything. She thinks he should join the Houston Rockets.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: At the speed Dwight moves through baby mamas, this chick probably won’t be around this summer when he’s making his decision.

Christine Vest might do best to keep her focus on sticking with Dwight Howard longer than any of his previous baby mamas. If Dwight as proven nothing in hist stint in the NBA it’s that he loves to smile, have fun, cause drama, and beg women pregnant (not in that order). Vest might prefer Houston to Los Angeles, but we’re pretty sure Howard values the opinion of his numerous baby mamas about as much as he values Stan Van Gundy’s. 

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