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Bow Wow Says Michael Jordan Stole His Iversons.

Michael Jordan accused of stealing Bow Wow’s Iverson kicks and we believe it’s true.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Knowing MJ’s intense competitive spirit Bow Wow’s story of theft makes sense.

Apparently Bow Wow was good friends with Michael Jordan’s kids back in the days when Michael Jordan was just beginning to build his basketball empire and Bow Wow was relevant in music. Yes, this was a long long time ago. This was also about the time Allen Iverson was immensely popular. 

Here’s the incident according to Bow Wow:

“I’m actually real cool with his sons, Marcus and Jeffrey…I would say, we kinda grew up together. Being on tour, every time we came to Chicago, even at the age of like 15, they would come around and we just clicked.

There’d be times I stayed over at the family, ya know, Mr. Jordan’s house…actually a funny story, I actually wore some Iverson’s to their house…and Michael Jordan woke us all up and was like ‘ Who are these?’…and I was like ‘they’re mine’…and I never saw My A.I.’s after that moment. I was in some Jordan’s going down to play some basketball.”

It’s seems completely probable that Bow Wow’s story is true and Jordan tossed his AI kicks and replaced them with some of his own Air Jordans. Who need back then that Air Jordan would become the biggest brand in the NBA while Allen Iverson would squander over $200 million and be bankrupt? Although, I think it’s safe to say we all knew Bow Wow’s career would be short lived with or without the right footwear.

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