Monday , May , 27 , 2013 HoopsVibe News

Kevin Durant’s Dating A Chick In The WNBA.

Kevin Durant dates Monica Wright of the WNBA.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: She may not be a video vixen or a model, but she’s got a hell of a mid-range jumper.

Kevin Durant is a very private guy. His off the court life has always been a bit of a secret and the women that he dates a top secret. Well, this week the cat got out of the bag on his latest squeeze. KD’s dating Monica Wright from the Minnesota Linx. 

The two met back in 2006 at the McDonalds high school All-American game and stayed friends ever since. The two haven’t announced their relationship yet, but it’s apparently a well-known secret.

Monica had this to say on KD, “A lot of it has to do with basketball, that’s how we’ve known each other. But he’s helped me, coached me. He’s actually a type of player I want to be like. 


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