Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Video: Rajon Rondo’s Crib

Video: Rajon Rondo's CribEver wondered what Rajon Rondo’s house look like?  Me neither.  What I did wonder after watching the clip below was how they managed to perform the lobotomy without leaving a scar.  I’m not saying we need a league of loudmouths, but Rondo and fellow point guard Derrick Rose are walking a fine line between laid-back and comatose, and it makes me miss the days when the Gary Paytons and Charles Barkleys were the story rather than the commentator.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to calculate how many years of my salary Rondo’s in-house movie theatre is worth.  Check out the clip below to see that and many more items I’d have to commit felonies to be able to afford.

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