Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

LeBron James Receives His Customised Ferrari F430 Spider

LeBron James Receives His Customised Ferrari F430 SpiderLeBron James may be a newly-crowned MVP who can buy sports cars with the change he picks out of the back of his sofa, but I’m not mad.  For one thing, my Beetle has twice as many seats and cupholders as LeBron’s Ferrari F430 Spider, and it absolutely blitzes his ride when it comes to trunk space and fuel efficiency.  And really, he’s playing fast and loose with his health if he thinks he can drive a roofless car in Cleveland without catching a cold.  Looking at things objectively, LeBron James should actually be jealous of me.

Until they bring their cameras over to my place to check out the scratches on my rear-left panel that sort of look like my initials, however, you’ll have to make do with this clip.  Let us know what you think of LeBron’s choice of whip in the comment section at the bottom of the article.

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