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Chauncey Billeps gets a new Bentley

Question: Why did you pick a Bentley, instead of a Rolls-Royce or something else?

Answer: I always wanted a Bentley.

Q: Always?

A: Since I made it, that is.

Q: Did you have any special modifications, anything added?

A: No. I just wanted to get it. I didn’t want to wait anymore.

Q: How long have you been waiting for this car?

A: About a year and a half.

Q: Did you pick the color? Silver with black interior?

A: Yeah. All my cars are silver, because it looks good with chrome wheels. It’s a perfect match.

Q: What about during the winter?

A: I’ve got a Range Rover for that. This’ll just be for the summertime and some nice days.

Q: What was your first car?

A: An Olds 98. I don’t even remember what year it was. It was about as long as this building. I’d only drive about three days a week, because it cost so much to fill up.

Q: What do you like about the Continental GT?

A: It’s classy, but it’s sporty. And it’s real comfortable, plenty of room.

Q: What do you want your license plate to say?

A: BIG SHOT. They call me Mr. Big Shot, but I don’t know if I can get that many letters.


Source: Jamie Butters, Detroit Free Press


Chauncey Billeps gets a new Bentley

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