Tuesday , Sep , 05 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

Ron Artest Prepping Debut Album

QB’s Ron Artest has been hard at work this summer. From putting the finishing touches on his debut album, My World, which is scheduled for release October 31 to playing ball for the Sacramento Kings and Fat Joe’s Rucker team to going on a European tour with Fat Joe, Artest has racked up the miles.

Ron Artest Prepping Debut Album

"The album is versatile and it touches every emotion I went though over the past ten years, from gangster shit to wifey shit to NBA brawl shit to my man dying shit to strip club shit to fuck bitch-ass niggas shit," Artest told HipHopGame.com. "It’s an interesting album."

My World features cameos from Mike Jones, Puff Daddy, Capone, Nature, the Bravehearts and Infamous Mobb. The album is being released on Artest’s Tru Warier Records.

News courtesy of our friends at HipHopGame.com