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Police Report: Tim Thomas Involved in Brawl at Denny’s

Police Report: Tim Thomas Involved in Brawl at Denny's

While we’ll reserve our right to report anything as fact until the fog clears, this much is apparent already: Tim Thomas was at a Dallas Denny’s at three in the morning when a brawl broke out.  This is interesting for a number of reasons, not least of which is that a multimillionaire was eating at a Denny’s, presumably by choice.

What the police report said:

– Tim Thomas entered the Denny’s with a man and three women.

– 29-year-old Damien Pettie recognized Tim Thomas and asked "What’s up?"

– Tim Thomas told Pettie he didn’t want to talk to him, allegedly doing so with an array of racial and homophobic epithets.

– Pettie responded with some curse words of his own.

– The man who entered with Thomas hit Pettie in the face twice, busting open his lip.

– A brawl ensued, during which a man identified Thomas was said to have thrown a chair which hit a 65-year-old woman called Moya Kissick.

– Tim Thomas and his posse left before the cops showed.

Evidently, that’s not exactly how things went down, with Pettie himself correcting some of the details when he spoke to the Dallas Morning News. 

What Damien Pettie said:

– When Pettie asked "What’s up?" Thomas responded by saying that he didn’t talk to "faggots", a term also noted in the police report.

– When Pettie passed by Thomas’ table later, Thomas addressed Pettie with another homophobic slur.  Pettie asked "What the hell did you say?" and, as Thomas continued to "instigate the situation", Pettie was hit in the mouth by one of Thomas’ friends, then hit again by another and pushed onto the table.

– Pettie picked up a chair to defend himself, but one of the men hit him in the face again before picking up a chair and throwing it at him.  Pettie caught the chair after it struck Kissick.

Conveniently, we have a third source of information in Roger Emrich, a radio sports reporter who was eating in the restaurant at the time.

What Roger Emrich said:

– The fight involved Tim Thomas’ companions but not Thomas himself.

– Tim Thomas did not throw a chair.

– Tim Thomas did not use an anti-gay slur.  According to Emrich, Thomas’ first words to Pettie were "Just keep going."  In Emrich’s words, "I think it was probably clear that he did not want to have a conversation with that gentleman."

– When Pettie later returned to Thomas’ table, two men with Thomas (the police report says that Thomas arrived with only one man, incidentally) stood up and confronted Pettie, with one of them punching him.

– One of Thomas’ companions "brandished" a chair in Pettie’s direction, but no chairs were thrown.

– Thomas left at the same time as Emrich, which was shortly after the fight began.

That’s a lot of conflicting information for such a short sequence of events, but the truth is probably in there somewhere.  Personally, I’m inclined to believe Roger Emrich over Pettie (who stands to gain a fair amount if his account is accepted) and the police report, which was assembled without any input from Tim Thomas or his party.

So, what do you think went down at the Dallas Denny’s at three in the morning?  What the hell was Tim Thomas doing there anyway?  Will he suffer any repercussions from the Mavericks?  Let us know what you think by dropping a comment in the box at the bottom of the page.


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