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Will Cleveland fire Mike Brown to re-sign LeBron James?

"Decision day hasn’t arrived yet but it appears everyone is preparing for it.

The Cavaliers had not performed or scheduled exit interviews with players or coaches as of Monday. Once some or all of those take place, there will be a verdict on coach Mike Brown. But if that decision is a parting of ways, the sides are getting ready for it."


HoopsVibe’s Call: Their bags are packed. They’ve said their goodbyes.

Right now, Cleveland Cavaliers coach Mike Brown and his assistants are waiting for one thing: their pink slip. That rosy little slip of paper is necessary if the Cavaliers are to have any shot, hope, or prayer at re-signing superstar LeBron James.

After all, Cleveland has fallen short two seasons in a row in the playoffs. This year, their second season failure was epic; the NBA’s best regular season team simply quit against a rejuvenated Boston squad.

So change is inevitable. James wants it. What James, the most highly coveted free agent in the history of professional sports, wants, he gets.

Perhaps, Brown, a defensive wizard and stand up guy, deserves better. Problem is, he, like much of the NBA, is a pawn in the coming free agent frenzy. And number 23, The King, is controlling the board.

Does Brown have to get fired for the Cavaliers to re-sign James? 

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