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Calvin Murphy on Delonte West and LeBron’s mom: “It ain’t no rumor”

"Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy appeared on ESPN radio in Houston today and as all basketball conversations must do, the topic turned to the rumors about Delonte West’s dalliance with LeBron James’ mom. Murphy’s response: "It ain’t no rumor."

Murphy—who is not exactly the classiest individual to ever wear an NBA uniform—didn’t just say he thinks it could have possibly, maybe happened. He says the story is "absolutely true," that everyone knew about it, and he has "legit" sources who can prove it. Oh, and there’s also more than one dude involved. Unbelievable."

Link to story

Link to radio interview

HoopsVibe’s Quick Call: This ‘thing’ – we won’t yet call it a story – refuses to die.

HoopsVibe’s news has one question: if this ‘thing’ isn’t true, if it’s nothing but salacious gossip, why aren’t LeBron James’ people threatening to sue The Deadspin, ESPN, and Calvin Murphy for slander?

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