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Rumor: Bosh considering sign-and-trade to join Cleveland and LeBron James?

Everything is set for Chris Bosh to join LeBron James in Cleveland. Everything, that is, except Bosh’s approval.

The Toronto Raptors have told the Cleveland Cavaliers they will do a sign-and-trade with them for Bosh, according to several league sources.

The exact details of the potential trade have not been solidified, but Toronto likely would get Anderson Varejao and or J.J. Hickson, Delonte West, and perhaps Anthony Parker. A draft pick could be involved as well.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: He’d get LeBron James. He’d get a maximum contract – six-years, $127 million. And he’d also get the city of Cleveland, which is the problem.

Chris Bosh wants to partner with James and score the most lucrative contract available in free agency; however, he was hoping to achieve both with the either Chicago Bulls, New Jersey Nets, or Miami Heat -and not the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bosh would apparently prefer a larger market than Cleveland to maximize marketing opportunities. And this is why he hasn`t green-lighted the agreed upon sign-and-trade between the Raptors and Cavaliers.

However, Bosh`s concerns are puzzling because CB4 and The King would form a dynamic duo, capable of attracting both national and international attention.

Meanwhile, Toronto should be sure Anderson Varejao is part of any deal. Forget his affinity for flopping, the Brazilian ‘big’ would instantly improve the Raptors` defense and allow Andrea Bargnani to play his natural position, the four-spot.

This deal is still a go. All that’s left is Bosh’s approval. Of course, there`s also the little matter of James officially re-signing with Cleveland.

– O.Sandor.

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