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Rumor: Cavaliers picking up post LeBron pieces with Josh Childress?

The Cavaliers are considering making an offer to Josh Childress, according to sources. Childress has until July 15th to opt out of his contract with Olympiakos.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call:
So it begins.

Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland Cavaliers now begin the monumental task of winning an NBA championship before the ‘disloyal’, ‘cowardly’, ‘narcissistic’, and `self-anointed former king` known as LeBron James.

Word is the Cavaliers are chasing Josh Childress, who is looking to cross the Atlantic and return to the NBA after two years in Europe with Greek club Olympiakos.

Obviously, Childress isn’t a superstar –or even a star. However, he’s a solid rotation player; a versatile guy who stuffs the stat-sheet, can defend a couple of positions, and has no attitude.

This would be a nice beginning, but only the start of a long rebuilding process for the Cavaliers.

–Oly Sandor.

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