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Jalen Rose on Mike D’Antoni: ‘he was determined not to play me … HATER’

I didn’t leave the NBA washed or banged up..Mike D’anPHONY didn’t let me contribute my last year..he was determined not me play me..HATER. 


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Gee, ever wonder why Jalen Rose hasn’t made it big as an analyst?

After retiring from the NBA, Rose was seen as the next big thing in the broadcast booth. Many were predicting he’d give TNT stars Charles Barkley and/or Kenny Smith a run on the mic`.

Well, they were wrong.

While Rose hasn’t flopped, his second career hasn’t gone as planned, either. Currently, he’s a secondary analyst for ESPN, and calling a former coach – who happens to ply his trade in the league’s biggest market – a ‘HATER’ won’t help.

Oh yeah, let the record show Mike D’Antoni’s Phoenix Suns went 61-21 in 2006-07, which was Rose’s final season in the NBA.

–Oly Sandor.

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