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4 reasons Chris Paul won`t get traded to Orlando Magic

The Hornets haven’t yet entertained trade offers for Chris Paul, but the point guard is already considering a number of scenarios.

According to league sources, the Magic have replaced the Knicks atop Paul’s list of preferred destinations.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It’s intriguing, but unlikely.

Chris Paul and the Orlando Magic want to join forces; however, the nuts and bolts of completing a trade with the New Orleans Hornets will be difficult -if not impossible.

Consider the following:

1) Orlando does not have one blue-chip prospect to offer New Orleans.

2) Orlando will insist Jameer Nelson, their starting point guard, be part of any trade for Paul. New Orleans has no interest in assuming the last three years and $22 million on Nelson’s big ticket, especially with Darren Collison waiting in the wings.

3) Instead, New Orleans will ask for Vince Carter. The former All-Star has an attractive contract: one year remaining at $15 million.

With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement about to take shape, Orlando will want to keep Carter’s expiring contract to gain much-needed cap flexibility.

4) New Orleans will insist Emeka Okafor – and the remaining four years and $51 million on his contract – is included in any trade for Paul.

The Magic have no interest or need for Okafor. Superstar Dwight Howard is their starting center, while Brandon Bass and Marcin Gortat are two capable and expensive back-ups.

Bottom line: the Magic and Paul will need a third team to facilitate a trade. If another partner can’t be found, this will remain nothing more than an intriguing, but unlikely possibility.

–Oly Sandor.

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