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Should Kobe Bryant have discussed surgery with Lakers?

Kobe Bryant’s knee surgery was performed by a "physician other than a team physician," and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak remains unsure whether his star will have surgery to treat his right index finger. "[Bryant] continues to see doctors. I’ve not heard an update regarding a surgery. As the summer goes on, it’s less and less a possibility as you get closer and closer to training camp," Kupchak said. The Lakers  announced last week that Bryant had arthroscopic surgery the previous week on his right knee, an operation that Kupchak said "went well."


HoopsVibe News: Employees should tell employers about work related issues –especially if that employee earns $30 million per season.

Ideally, Kobe Bryant would have informed the Los Angeles Lakers about his surgery. The key word is ideally. What can the team really say to Bryant?

Nobody works harder. Nobody is more prepared. Nobody on the entire planet is a better basketball player.

Owner Jerry Buss could mention to Bryant that he would be responsible if something went wrong in surgery. The purple-and-gold’s elder statesman and resident playboy won’t utter a word, though.

Bryant is the biggest superstar in a league dominated by superstars. He has leverage over the Lakers. And he’s not afraid to use it.

–Oly Sandor.

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