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Anthony taking risk passing on Nuggets’ extension

Carmelo Anthony is not expected to sign an extension with the Nuggets this summer, according to sources close to the situation. "Sources close to the situation don’t expect Carmelo Anthony to sign an extension with the Denver Nuggets this summer," Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld wrote on his Twitter page.
If Anthony doesn’t sign an extension this summer, he’ll hit the free agent market next July.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It is risky business -and we’re not referring to that bad Tom Cruise flick from the eighties.

Carmelo Anthony could lose millions of dollars if he passes on the Denver Nuggets’ three-year, $65 million contract extension and opts for free agency next July.

Of course, July of 2011 is also when the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement expires. After the inevitable lock-out, a new CBA will be ratified, and all players, even superstars such as Anthony, will likely face a pay cut. The length of  their max contracts will also be reduced.

So the Nuggets, along with every team in the league, will have less to offer Anthony.

There’s also the stumbling economy. If ticket sales and sponsorships don’t improve, the free agent market will sag. The great equalizer is, as always, the New York Knicks. This wealthy franchise has the resources to offer Anthony the largest contract possible under whatever financial system is being used.

Relying on the Knicks is still a risk, though. It’s one Anthony seems willing to make. 

–Oly Sandor.

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