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The business of Shaq will thrive with Boston Celtics

Shaquille O’Neal will only make $1.39 million with the Celtics next season, but the team’s newest player is expected to cash in on endorsements.

O’Neal made $15 million through endorsements last year and some expect him to eclipse that market in Boston.

"Shaq is a marketing giant," said John Vrooman, a sports economist at Vanderbilt University. "He will benefit from the Hub’s strong media presence, where there’s money to be made on local endorsements."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: He won’t be eating Macaroni and Cheese, using coupons at the check-out aisle, or taking public transport.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with KD, scoping up discounts at Costco, or riding the bus with characters. I regularly do all three.)

Shaquille O’Neal’s 2011 salary with the Boston Celtics is just $1.39 million. While this is nothing to sneeze at, it represents a massive reduction from the $20 million he earned with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010.

No need to shed tears for O’Neal.

The future Hall of Famer will still rake in an estimated $15 million from endorsements in 2011. After all, he gets love from Icy-Hot and has that silly television show on ABC.

Of course, Boston is a terrific market. There’s a huge population base. And the Celtics are one of the game’s glamour franchises.

O’Neal’s on-court game is in decline, but his off-court game, the business of Shaq, is very much thriving.

–Oly Sandor.

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