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Ron Artest: ‘I partied hard as hell’ this summer

It’s been fun — a little too much fun. I partied hard as hell. I was gone. But the good thing is that I worked out (during that time). Last year at this time I was 270-something (pounds), and this year I’m 255, 258. I’m totally focused. Like this (cranberry and vodka drink in his hand) is probably my second drink in like a month, and usually in the summertime I get (his drinking) in. I get it in every night. But I’m going to come in at about 245, 240 this year, and get back to that Defensive Player of the Year weight.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: It sounds like Ron Artest is mixing business and pleasure this summer.

And why wouldn’t he?

After all, the Los Angeles Lakers’ lockdown defender won his first NBA championship in June, saved the purple-and-gold with his clutch play in game seven of the Finals, and delivered the greatest celebratory interview in the history of pro sports.

To Artest’s credit, he didn’t overdo the partying this off-season, though. His weight is down and he’s determined to arrive at training camp at a spry 245 pounds.

The last time Artest tipped the scale at 245 pounds was 2003-04. That season he terrorized opponents for the Indiana Pacers and won the Defensive Player of the Year award.

If Artest can turn back the clock, if he can find his past Pacer form for the Lakers, then the two-time defending champions will be in line for the three-peat.

And Artest will be partying ‘hard as hell’ in the summer of 2011, too.

–Oly Sandor.

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