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Paul Pierce:’I pushed’ for Shaq

"I pushed," he said. "You looked around and you looked at the free agents. I saw Shaq was the best available at the time." Pierce doesn’t buy into the notion that the O’Neal signing is simply adding another over-the-hill player to an already aging roster.

"When you put him in our group of guys, he’s going to have a different role now," Pierce said. "The role he had in Cleveland, he had to be the second guy or the third guy at times. With us, it’s not going to have to be that way. We have a number of guys we can play through. There’s not a lot of pressure for Shaq to go out and get the 15 or 20 (points) a night like he had to in Cleveland for them to be successful.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: ‘The Truth’ speaks the truth.
Paul Pierce is right when stating Shaquille O’Neal will succeed with the Boston Celtics because expectations are realistic.
Translation: The Big Shamrock won’t have to be The Big Aristotle.
Coach Doc Rivers wants O’Neal defending the paint in a reserve role, not functioning as a 38-year old second option on the low block.
All that’s left is for O’Neal to buy-in and help the Celtics compete for another championship.
–Oly Sandor.
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