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Can Denver’s new GM fix Carmelo Anthony quagmire?

The Nuggets are expected to sit down with Carmelo Anthony soon after they hire a new general manager. The Denver Post reports that the team is likely to name a new general manager next week, with former Suns executive David Griffin the leading candidate.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The franchise-face wants out and the franchise doesn’t have a GM.
No wonder the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors have hit such heights that the Denver Nuggets’ 2010-11 season could be compromised.
After all, there’s no GM to play the father figure to Anthony and reassure him. There’s no GM to sell him on the club’s future. There’s nobody in the lead executive chair.
This won’t be easy for a new GM to walk into to. Say, for instance, the Nuggets hire David Griffin, the former executive with the Phoenix Suns. He’ll have to instantly build enough of a relationship with Anthony that he’ll re-sign or try for equal value in a trade.
Neither task is easy. One way or another, Anthony seems set on the New York Knicks. And teams never get equal value when trading a superstar, especially when that superstar can walk the following summer as a free agent.
So a new, high-profile GM won’t necessarily solve the Nuggets’ quagmire with Anthony. In fact, things may just come to a head.
–Oly Sandor.
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