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‘Bromance’ saved: Mo Williams wishes LeBron ‘the best’

"Part of me is still sour … but I wish him the best," Williams said. "He’s got enough people rooting against him, he doesn’t need one more."

Hours after James announced he was leaving the Cavaliers, Williams tweeted: "We were so damn close. So damn close now we have taken leaps and bounds backwards."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: ‘The Bromance’ is over, but they’re amicable.

For years, LeBron James and Mo Williams were partners-in-crime with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They enjoyed regular season success, but fell short during the playoffs.

Then The Decision hit: James announced he was leaving the Cavaliers for the Heat –on national television. ‘The Bromance’ became strained because Williams, like the city of Cleveland, felt betrayed.

The former backcourt mates and boys are apparently cool. They recently met during a chance encounter at the Cleveland airport. They cleared the air. Williams now accepts and understands ‘Bron’s choice.

The dynamic may change when Miami travels to Cleveland for a game in early December. According to Williams, fans and Cavalier players will be ‘emotional’.

Well, sort of.

James’ old teammates will be ‘emotional’. Fans, however, will be angry. The two-time MVP and Ohio native will face the wrath of Cavalier-nation. And the fallout won’t be pretty.

It’s nice that Williams and James have moved past The Decision. The city of Cleveland won’t follow their point guard’s lead.

–Oly Sandor.

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