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Rumor: Portland close to moving Rudy Fernandez?

Kerry Eggers of the Portland Tribune writes that the Trail Blazers may be getting closer to trading swingman Rudy Fernandez. Portland general manager Rich Cho is working to accommodate Fernandez’s trade request behind the scenes."The first-year GM has some options, and I’m getting the feeling he might pull the trigger on something before camp," Eggers wrote.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Both sides need closure –and the sooner, the better.

For months, Rudy Fernandez and the Portland Trail Blazers have been at odds on how to part ways. Fernandez wants a trade to a team where he’ll get minutes, touches, and shots.

The Blazers also want to trade Fernandez. They, however, won’t give him away. And they want equal value for such an accurate shooter and athletic swing.

Unfortunately, Fernandez has been his own worst enemy. He has put the Blazers in an impossible situation by publicly lobbying for a trade. Teams have been low-balling GM Richie Cho, offering nothing near equal value.

But Cho has been patient. He hasn’t panicked. And according to Eggers, a deal is close to materializing. Perhaps potential suitors have improved their offers.

Something must happen because this tiff is beyond ugly. Hopefully, the Blazers get ‘fair compensation, so they and Fernandez finally move on.   

–Oly Sandor.

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