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Rumor: Monta Ellis takes ‘blame’, but Warriors still looking at trading him?

"A month before the season was over with, I really had to sit back and blame myself in a sense because I’m that leader; I’m that one who everybody feeds off of," Ellis said. "Everything that went on last year (regarding Curry) shouldn’t have gone on. I blame myself."
HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Finally, a sign of maturity from Monta Ellis.

Despite his tremendous talent, the lightning quick combo guard has failed to fulfill expectations as a franchise player for the Golden State Warriors.

After all, he injured his leg riding a moped – the vehicle of choice for European males and American teenagers. Ellis, of course, lied about how he sustained the injury because cruising in a moped violates his contract.

Ellis then spent a season or so feuding with Coach Don Nelson and the Warriors. Worst of all, he called out teammate Stephen Curry before his first training camp in 2009, saying he couldn’t play with the then rookie sharpshooter.

Give Ellis credit for manning up. Give Ellis credit for admitting publicly he was wrong. And give Ellis credit for trying to move on.

Is it too late, though?

Over the summer, Chris Cohan sold the Warriors for a record $450 million to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber. Thankfully, wholesale changes are coming to The Bay. 

The new regime aren’t enamoured with Nelson, the mad-scientist sideline boss. Reports indicate Nellie will be given his walking papers, even though it could cost ownership $6 million.

A change on the bench doesn’t mean Ellis is secure. Reports indicate Lacob and Guber aren’t sold on Ellis’ play and attitude, so a trade could be in the works. 

Perhaps Ellis feels the need to speak up and explain himself. Whatever his motivation, it’s a start. Only time will tell if it’s enough for him to stay with the Warriors long-term.

–Oly Sandor.
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