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Dan Gilbert: no regrets slamming LeBron in ‘The Letter’

In an interview with the Detroit Free-Press, Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert spoke about his controversial open letter released the night LeBron James announced his decision to sign with the Heat. "No, not really," Gilbert said. "I just expressed what the Cleveland people were feeling. Unless you’re from Cleveland and experienced what they have experienced since 1964, it’s hard for the rest of the country to grasp."

Gilbert was subsequently fined by the NBA for the letter.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Of course, he has no regrets over declaring viral jihad on LeBron James

Dan Gilbert is an Alpha Male. That’s how he built his lending business. That’s how he bought the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Gilbert doesn’t tolerate losing. Not in the boardroom. Not on the basketball court. So James announcing he was ‘taking his talents to South Beach’ had to sting.

After all, the Cavaliers instantly became a lottery team. The franchise’s value dropped dramatically. Cleveland and the state of Ohio were also treated like a losing contestant on a reality television show.

Simply put, filthy rich guys like Gilbert aren’t used to getting treated this way. They aren’t used to getting embarrassed. This prompted Gilbert to publish The Letter, attacking James for The Decision.

He won’t apologize. Or even admit to being over the top. When Gilbert attacks, there’s no retreat.

Such a concession would go against who he is.

–Oly Sandor.

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