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Noah and Bulls agree on five-year, $60 million extension

The Bulls have agreed to terms on a contract extension with Joakim Noah, a team source confirmed. The deal is expected to be in the neighborhood of $60 million over five years.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call:
The Chicago Bulls have their blue-collar star. For an additional six seasons. 

Love him or hate him, Jaokim Noah is an All-World role player. He bangs. He defends. He rebounds. Best of all, he’s fearless.

For instance, last year, he scored major points for stepping to LeBron James, who was acting like the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Bulls was an episode of Soul Train.

The term and money is fair. Noah probably could have gotten more as an unrestricted free agent on the open market.

Then again, things could change next July when the current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires. A new, stricter system will surely be implemented.

So Noah and the Bulls opted for the middle ground. This makes sense when considering the potential of this young team.

–Oly Sandor.

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