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Ron Artest: ‘Ì won`t be smoking marijuana’

Then out of nowhere, with his conversation with reporters apparently over, Artest added, "Even if they legalize marijuana (with a California ballot initiative Nov. 3), I won’t be smoking marijuana."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: He’s suddenly become a Saint.

After telling reporters he quit drinking alcohol, Ron Artest– without being asked – declared that he wouldn’t be smoking marijuana, even if California legalized the drug in a vote on November 3rd.

Of course, while marijuana could become legal in California, it would still be illegal for NBA players to indulge in.

But we digress.

Most importantly, Artest dropped weight this summer. The lockdown defender is tipping the scales at 250 pounds, which is near his Defensive Player of the Year weight.

So expect Artest to be better in 2011. This is good news for the Los Angeles Lakers. And bad news for the other 29 teams in the NBA.

–Oly Sandor.
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