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Is Carlos Boozer pulling a ‘Monta Ellis’ on Chicago Bulls?

The Bulls are reportedly looking in to Carlos Boozer’s explanation of how he fractured a bone in his shooting hand. Boozer said he tripped over a bag in the dark while answering the door. It was just dark, my doorbell rang and I tripped over a gym bag, tried to brace myself and it popped," Boozer said the day after suffering the injury.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The Chicago Bulls think Carlos Boozer is pulling a Monta Ellis.

The club – who signed Boozer to a five-year, $85 million free agent contract – does not believe the power forward’s story about tripping and breaking his hand.

Like the Golden State Warriors and Ellis, the Bulls are investigating the All-Star. While nobody is saying Boozer sustained the injury riding a moped, his falling in the dark saga sounds dubious.

Whatever happens with the investigation, this isn’t good.

Clearly, the Bulls don’t trust Boozer. If they did, there’d be no investigation. The focus would be rehab –and nothing else.

Bottom line: this isn’t the way for Boozer and the Bulls to start a five year relationship.

–Oly Sandor.

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