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Chris Paul on trade rumors: ‘nothing is going to catch me off guard’

When asked if he was caught off guard by anything that took place over the summer, the point guard shrugged. "Nothing, nothing is going to catch me off guard," said Paul, who has seen a lot throughout the course of his five-year career.

HoopsVibe’s Vibe’s Very Quick Call:
Good thing Chris Paul is up for anything because the New Orleans Hornets are again in flux.

Paul supposedly requested a trade this summer because he wanted to play for a winner. With cheapskate owner George Shinn, a small market, and a struggling local economy, the superstar realized a championship was beyond the Hornets’ reach.

However, Paul was –temporarily- appeased because basketball enthusiast Gary Chouest was interested in buying the club. Everything would change with the Louisiana billionaire in the owner’s box. 

The team would have money. Paul would get his supporting cast. And New Orleans would become a destination.

Well, that was the dream rookie GM Dell Demps and Coach Monty Williams sold Paul on this summer. Yesterday, Paul got a dose of a reality: Chouest and Shinn announced they weren’t able to reach an agreement on a sale. 

Bottom line: ‘The White Knight’ is out.

Of course, this impacts Paul. He was expecting a wealthy patron to support his quest for an NBA Title.

Instead, he’s got Shinn, who has been trying to dump the team for years. And the Donald Sterling of the south may just move Paul and his max salary –if he can’t find a  buyer.

Anything can happen with Shinn at the helm in New Orleans, so Paul better expect the unexpected.

–Oly Sandor.

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