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LeBron on Wade’s custody battle: it’s ‘way bigger than basketball’

He is in Chicago for the custody case involving his two young sons. The case will continue on Monday and it isn’t known when Wade will be done testifying.

"What he’s dealing with is way bigger than basketball," LeBron James said.

"So when he’s ready to come back, when he’s ready to return, we’ll accept him with open arms, of course. We’ll make sure we hold it down here. What he has going on, we’re all in support, this whole organization, us as teammates, us as friends, us as a family."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Believe it or not, Flash is human.

Dwyane Wade’s play could be impacted by his on-going divorce. The split from his high school sweetheart was especially nasty; children were and still are involved.

Some games, the Miami Heat superstar will find refuge on court. Other days, he could be distracted, exhausted, and emotional. Such is life.

This would’ve been an issue in 2010. After all, past Heat squads sank or swam with Wade. The combo guard had to post triple-double type numbers for the club to win.

Things have changed, though. There are now ‘Three Kings’. Not one.

If Wade struggles, Chris Bosh and LeBron James will pick up the slack. Bosh, a left-handed post, can score in a variety ways, while James is arguably the second or third best player in the NBA.

So Wade should handle his business on the home front. He’s human and may need a little help or time off during this rough stretch.

–Oly Sandor.

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