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Rumor: Rajon Rondo saving money for a lockout?

Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is saving his money in the event of an NBA lockout. NBA commissioner David Stern says he wants to cut player salaries by one-third.

Rondo says he’s "saving a lot of money this year." He is scheduled to make $9 million this season.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Currently, the owners and Players Union are locked in a game of hyperbole and exaggeration. Both are playing hardball through the media.

This is typical of negotiations. You ask for the moon. You meet in the middle.

However, a player – Rajon Rondo – saving money twelve months before a lockout or strike could kick in is especially troubling.

After all, NBA players are Suze Ormen’s greatest nightmare. As a rule, they don’t save –just ask Eddy Curry, Scottie Pippen, Latrell Sprewell and Antoine Walker.

So this is a troubling sign. It shows the players expect, and are preparing for, a work stoppage, which would impact those who love basketball.

Of course, that means you and me could be without hoops next fall.

There is hope: Commissioner David Stern and Players Union leader Billy Hunter have until July 1st to establish a Collective Bargaining Agreement more suited to the current economic climate.

Time is running out, though. Labour strife is on the horizon. Why else would the players save money?  

–Oly Sandor.

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