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Rudy Fernandez ‘feeling good with the second unit’

Portland swingman Rudy Fernandez has calmed on his public requests for a trade and claims he’s comfortable with his current role. "I think I’m happy with this role," said Fernandez, who scored three points Saturday night against the Knicks. "I’m happy with my shots. I’m feeling good with the second unit."

He is averaging 6.0 points in three games, including just over five shots per contest.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Once again, Rudy Fernandez has felt the need to publicly address his role with the Portland Trail Blazers.

All summer, The Spanish Diva gave constant updates to whoever would listen that he was upset with his role in Rip City.

He wanted out. He threatened not to report. He aired his dirty laundry.

One week into the season, Fernandez is now happy. Fair enough. If true, he should stop talking about his future – in Spanish and/or English – and just play.

He should focus on energizing the second unit; he should continue stretching opposing defenses with his range; he should keep entertaining the masses with his spectacular dunks.

The more Fernandez talks, the bigger the distraction. Portland  – a young, competitive team – doesn’t need distractions.

–Oly Sandor.

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