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LeBron on Boobie Gibson: ‘We’re still friends’

James said. "I talked to Daniel today and it is all good. We’re still friends."

"He did some things and made some gestures," Gibson said then. "It was some of the things that he’d do when he was here on our team that we would ride with. Him being the opponent he did some of those same things, I, for one, didn’t like it."

The reaction James got from ex-teammates became a lingering issue over the last few days. While cameras caught James talking to the Cavs bench on several occasions, most players actually ignored him or gave him a cold reaction.


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The coldest reception LeBron James received during his return to Cleveland was from former teammates, and not the fans.

James’ trash talk, gestures, and posturing weren’t appreciated. Several teammates and an assistant coach gave the 6-9, 260-pound superstar the cold shoulder.

Of course, The King spent seven years in Cleveland before ‘taking his talent’ to Miami as a free agent last July.

One former teammate, Daniel Gibson, had a real issue with James’ behaviour last Thursday evening, saying their ‘friendship is over’. Clearly, Keyshia Cole’s baby daddy took exception to his former friend showing up the Cavaliers.

Gibson and James recently talked, though. Their 90210 moment is over. These two are still friends.

Here’s my issue: James enjoyed Thursday night. He took noticeable pleasure in dropping 38 points on the Cavaliers. And he rubbed in the Heat’s blowout victory.

Why didn’t a current Cavalier put a hard foul on James? Nothing dirty but a good, firm infraction would have sent a message.

Instead, the Cavaliers did their talking through the media. And James got the last word, on-and-off court.

–Oly Sandor.

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