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Donald Sterling to Baron Davis: you’re ‘out of shape’

Of late, however, the jeers directed at the team’s struggling point guard are coming from a far more surprising source: The man paying Davis, Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who usually sits court side at home games. Among Sterling’s verbal barbs: "Why are you in the game?" … "Why did you take that shot?" … "You’re out of shape!"

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Witness the dysfunction that is Donald Sterling.

Only the Los Angeles Clippers owner is mad enough to verbally bash his players during games from his courtside seats. Bottom line: Sterling is to blame for the team’s poor performance on-court.

For instance, last year Sterling fired executive Mike Dunleavy and then refused to honour his contract. Dunleavy has many friends in NBA front offices and will warn them about working for The Don.

Baron Davis has not lived up to expectations with the Clippers. However, Sterling knew the point guard’s track record when he gave him a five-year, $60 million contract.

Davis wouldn’t be in shape. And because Davis was rarely in shape he would get injured and spend his time making movies.

Still, Davis does not deserve to be heckled by his owner. However, abusing employees is nothing new for Sterling.

In August, Sterling told reporters ‘he hadn’t heard of these guys’ when asked to comment on the Clippers signing role players Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes. 

Sterling was likely frustrated. After all, he spent millions of dollars building a mega-practice facility in hopes of landing a superstar free agent and ended up with Foye and Gomes.

Still, he should have kept his mouth shut. Just like he should have kept his mouth shut with Davis.

But Sterling is one of pro sport’s worst owners. And he runs one of pro sport’s worst franchises. This won’t change. There will only be dysfunction.

–Oly Sandor.

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