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MVP Award ‘Out The Window’ for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade?

"When we decided to come together our Most Valuable Player chances kind of went out the window," James said Saturday.

"I think they classify it as an individual award. They look at it like the less help you have, the more numbers you have then the better chance for you to win that award."

James and Wade have seen their numbers decrease this season as they share the court. I don’t know how you classify the MVP thing," James said. "Do you classify it as most valuable to his team, if you take that person off his team how do they play? Or is it how is he playing numbers-wise? I don’t know."


HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: There are two issues with the Most Valuable Player award.

First, the media votes for the winner. Face it: as a group, we have biases. Those biases, at some point, creep into the voting.

Second, LeBron James is right: the criterion for MVP isn’t clear. Is the MVP the best player on the league’s best team? Is the MVP the player with the best statistics? Or, is the MVP the player who means the most to his team?

Well, what’s the solution?

The league, through consultation with the Player’s Union, should clarify the criterion for the MVP award. After clarifying this criterion, the media and players should both get to vote for the MVP.

Finally, James is right when saying his partnership with Dwyane Wade hurts their chances at winning the game’s greatest individual honour. Both will gladly sacrifice the MVP for the championship in June.

–Oly Sandor.

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