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Allen Iverson: I never said anything about retirement

Allen Iverson: An MRI has revealed a legion that is in my right leg and pressing against the bone. I am coming home for further examinations and possibly surgery. I have never said anything about retirement.


Hoops Vibe’s Very Quick Call: It should not end like this. Allen Iverson, the greatest little man to ever play basketball, deserves better.

Far better, in fact.

Iverson has left the Turkish club he had been playing for to have a legion removed on his leg. He will be in the United States indefinitely.

He insists this is not the end of the line, though. Like a heavyweight boxer holding on for a final payday, he wants to return. After all, there is another year and $2 million dollars waiting for him in Turkey.

However, Iverson’s last few situations have not ended well. He was run out of Detroit; he quit on Memphis after three games; and had to leave Philadelphia for personal reasons.

And now his body gave out on him while playing for a mediocre European squad.

Perhaps Iverson should it call a day and retire. Perhaps he was never meant to have a happy ending.

-Oly Sandor.

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