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Charles Barkley: the Knicks can’t win playing D’Antoni’s system

"I do not think (the Knicks) can win with that system. I saw it in Phoenix. And let me tell you something, they had a lot more talent in Phoenix. A lot more. Let me just tell you this — the three most critical areas of the game are defense, rebounding and turnovers. That’s one of the fundamental flaws of that system."

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: The NBA won’t like it. New York won’t like it. And the legions of Charles Barkley haters certainly won’t like it.

But ‘The Round Mound of Rebound’ is absolutely right: the Knicks can’t possibly win the NBA Title playing Mike D’Antoni’s ‘Seven Seconds Or Less’ system.

After all, defence wins championships. Shot-happy, entertaining basketball does not.

Consider that the Los Angeles Lakers have won consecutive championships playing air-tight defence. Same with the Boston Celtics, last year’s Eastern Conference champion.

Getting stops has been the key to the start-studded Miami Heat turning around their season. While the league-leading San Antonio Spurs are playing a more up-tempo brand of basketball, they still hold their own defensively.

How can the Knicks buck the trend? Especially since the Phoenix Suns, D’Antoni’s previous team, were never able to break through and win a championship with this brand of fire-wagon basketball.

Simply put, they can’t. Sure, the Knicks can win 50 games. Sure, the Knicks can win the Atlantic Division Title. And sure, they can make some noise in the playoffs.

However, they can’t win it with a run-and-gun style. Eventually, New York will realize this. When they do, D’Antoni -turnaround or not- will be expendable.

–Oly Sandor.

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