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Are the Nets In or Out of Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes?

If Prokhorov had been there Saturday, he might have flown into a blind rage as he did last month when he announced to his fans the Nets were out of the running for Anthony, the Brooklyn-born superstar. Anthony could make the Nets relevant and give Brooklyn a reason to be excited for 2012. A bad team in Brooklyn is still a bad team. Prokhorov has 10 days to come to his senses and get back into the hunt and force Anthony to make a decision on whether he wants to be the franchise’s savior, as Blake Griffin has been with the Clippers.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Are they in? Or out?

These are the questions surrounding the New Jersey Nets and Carmelo Anthony, even though the club tapped the mat and declared they were out of the ‘Melo derby.

The Nets are still in, though. At some point before the February 24th deadline, controversial Nets owner Mikhail Phrokorov will call the Denver Nuggets and make a play for Anthony –despite saying he would not.

Expect the Nuggets to listen, too. After all, the Nets easily have the best assets to offer: there’s former All-Star point guard Devin Harris; young lottery pick Derrick Favours; Troy Murphy’s expiring contract; and multiple first round draft picks.

Unfortunately, things are complicated by Anthony’s desire to play for his hometown New York Knicks. The three-man has allegedly told his people he will only sign an extension with the Knicks.

If true, why would the Nets –or any other team- mortgage the house for Anthony when he will bolt as an unrestricted free agent at season’s end? He would be nothing more than a two month rental.     

Still, despite the risk and complication, expect the Nets to inquire about Anthony before the coming trade deadline.

–Oly Sandor.

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